Lateral Transfer Board

Lateral Transfer Board

The lateral transfer boards are designed to bridge a gap between surfaces to allow a lateral transfer to be completed smoothly.

  • Latex free
  • GS1 compliant patient label
  • Reusable
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Two widths and lengths available
  • Requires minimum storage space
  • Anti-slip pads ensure maximum grip during transfer
  • High strength material for maximum durability
  • Lightweight with handles for easy manoeuvrability
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Available in the UK

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Available Internationally

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Not available in the USA

The lateral transfer boards are designed to bridge a gap between surfaces to allow a lateral transfer to be completed smoothly. Manufactured using a high strength polypropylene, this lightweight board has a high slip surface and anti-slip pads ensure maximum grip to the surface during transfer. The classic rigid transfer board has 8 handles to allow for easy manoeuvrability. With 6 handles, the folding transfer board is easy to carry and store. It allows a patient to be transferred in a semi recumbent position ensuring that patient remains comfortable during the transfer. Both boards are available in 2 widths and 2 lengths to suit every environment.

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Product Codes

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″][align-left]Size,[align-left]Product%20Description,[align-left]UOI,[align-left]Product%20Code|59cm%20x%20150cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2059cm%20x%20150cm,1,QP-059150-R|59cm%20x%20180cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2059cm%20x%20180cm,1,QP-059180-R|74cm%20x%20150cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2074cm%20x%20150cm,1,QP-074150-R|74cm%20x%20180cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2074cm%20x%20180cm,1,QP-074180-R|59cm%20x%20150cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2059cm%20x%20150cm,1,QP-059150-F|59cm%20x%20180cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2059cm%20x%20180cm,1,QP-059180-F|74cm%20x%20150cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2074cm%20x%20150cm,1,QP-074150-F|74cm%20x%20180cm,Lateral%20Transfer%20Board%20Transfer%20Boards%2074cm%20x%20180cm,1,QP-074180-F[/vc_table]

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