ECO Slide Sheets

ECO Slide Sheet

Here are our ECO Slide Sheets where sustainability and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint is at the forefront. Sustainability is an important value that runs through the GBUK Group.

  • Latex free
  • GS1 compliant patient label
  • Loop hanger for storage options
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Available in the UK

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Available Internationally

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Available in the USA

Sustainability and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint is an important value that runs through the GBUK Group. In order to conserve the beauty, resources, and habitability of our surroundings, it is important that our everyday decisions positively affect the planet. We, like most, still have a long way to go in order to truly make a difference but we can stand proud and say that we have started that journey. From these values, the concept of an eco‑friendly slide sheet emerged. Moving from a standard single patient use Slide Sheet to our Eco range is a step in the right direction when we consider our responsibilities towards the planet. We believe that we are able to offer a range of slide sheets that provide consumers with the option to choose responsibly whilst not compromising on quality.

Our full range of slide sheets include the SPU tubular, and washable slide sheets.

Product Brochure

Product Codes

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″][align-left]Size,[align-left]Product%20Description,[align-left]UOI,[align-left]Product%20Code|72cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF072200|100cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20100cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF100200|140cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20140cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF140200|72cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF072200H|100cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20100cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF100200H|140cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20140cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGF140200H|72cm%20x%2072cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%2072cm,10,DGT072072|72cm%20x%20120cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%20120cm,10,DGT072120|72cm%20x%20150cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%20150cm,10,DGT072150|72cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%2072cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGT072200|100cm%20x%20100cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20100cm%20x%20100cm,10,DGT100100|100cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20100cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGT100200|140cm%20x%20200cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20140cm%20x%20200cm,10,DGT140200|200cm%20x%2070cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20200cm%20x%2070cm,10,DGT200070|200cm%20x%20100cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20200cm%20x%20100cm,10,DGT200100|200cm%20x%20140cm,ECO%20Slide%20Sheet%20Slide%20Sheets%20200cm%20x%20140cm,10,DGT200140[/vc_table]

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