CareTip™ Rigid Yankauer

CareTip Rigid Yankauer

CareTip™ Rigid Yankauer, for general purpose and surgical suctioning.

  • Rounded atraumatic distal tips
  • Available with or without vacuum holes for suction control
  • Individually sterile double wrapped in peel pouches
  • Shatterproof transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) construction
  • Flexible versions can be user-shaped for optimal suction and user comfort

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Available in the UK

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Available Internationally

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Not available in the USA

Introducing the CareTip™ Rigid Yankauer, an innovative solution catering to both general-purpose and surgical suctioning needs. This versatile tool ensures efficient and precise suctioning during medical procedures, reflecting our commitment to providing high-quality suction solutions for diverse healthcare applications.

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Product Codes

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″][align-left]Size,[align-left]Product%20Description,[align-left]UOI,[align-left]Product%20Code|16Fr%20(5mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2016Fr%20(5mm),50,CTY516MR|16Fr%20(5mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2016Fr%20(5mm),50,CTY516MRV|18Fr%20(6mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2018Fr%20(6mm),50,CTY618RR|18Fr%20(6mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2018Fr%20(6mm),50,CTY618RRV|22Fr%20(7mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2022Fr%20(7mm),50,CTY822HR|24Fr%20(6mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2024Fr%20(6mm),50,CTY822BR|24Fr%20(6mm),CareTip%E2%84%A2%20Rigid%20Yankauer%20Patient%20Suction%20Consumables%2024Fr%20(6mm),50,CTY822BRV[/vc_table]

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