Air Assisted Devices

GBUK Banana provides a range of air assisted devices, including the FloJac, Single Patient Use (SPU) Air Transfer Mattresses, Reusable Air Mattresses, and the Flo F3. These air assisted products play a crucial role in facilitating safe and efficient patient transfers and positioning in healthcare environments.

GBUK Banana Air-Assisted Transfer Device, also known as an ‘air mat,’ simplifies lateral transfers for patients of all sizes—whether from bed to deed or onto a trolley or theatre table.

This innovative device significantly minimises the physical strain on caregivers, offering a substantial reduction in both physical exertion and the associated anxiety experienced by both caregivers and patients when employing traditional manual handling techniques.

Beyond its practical benefits, the Banana air transfer device addresses the emotional aspects of patient care. By minimising anxiety during transfers, it gives a more positive patient experience, enhancing overall well-being and satisfaction.

The FloJac is designed and manufactured in the UK. Our design brief was simple: create a high quality, durable and reliable flat lift kit suitable for the acute and community market.

The FloJac also enables the fallen patient to be raised from the floor in a safe and controlled manner. This device is easy to inflate and deflate and has a safe work load of 500kg.

The FloJac is available in three different kits and comes in a purpose-built falls trolley for the safekeeping of equipment. This ensures all devices are readily available if needed while offering sturdy protection.

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